Offering OPOTA classes! *Now Offering CCW Classes in Painesville and Parma Hts.

Project Child Safe



The question comes up in every class we hold - "How do I teach my children/ grandchildren about gun safety?"
The NRA and the NSSF has made it easy with the videos we have put here! They go on to explain that whether there are guns in your house or not, your kids may seem them at friends houses or somewhere else, and YOUR lessons about guns may be all they have to handle those situations.  .  

Gun Safety with Eddie the Eagle



We not only encourage you to enroll your teenage kids in a class with you, but we allow them in ours!  Obviously they cannot get their CHL licence but they will learn about guns and safety. Currently we do not have classes for young children, but perhaps someday in the future.   In the meantime, show them the videos here!